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Wink hub 2 and Siri with homebridge

By Editor | Jan 17, 2017

Hi Guys, I wanted to put together a comprehensive guide for you on how to setup a raspberry pi to work with your wink hub 2 and home kit. I’ve successfully got this to work with a raspberry pi 2. Here is a demo of the setup. In order to get homekit to connect with…

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Best iOS Weight Loss and Fitness Apps

By Editor | Jan 3, 2017

Hey guys what’s happening. Welcome to 2017. I wanted to relaunch the friggin technology YouTube channel after many years of in activity. Now that I have nothing to do with my life, I figured I’d start a YouTube channel? For real life has gotten busy with a family including my wife, 2 kids and a…

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Netatmo – Health Home Coach

By Editor | Nov 1, 2016

Netatmo launched indoor climate monitor, which can manage the air, temperature humidity, and noise in your home. It’s learning algorithm adjusts to provide you the quintessential conditions in your home so you don’t have to worry about them. Netatmo claims it has 4 precise sensors that monitors your home to deliver ideal conditions. What else is interesting…

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Samsung Pay Launches in the US

By Editor | Nov 1, 2016

Samsung launched its new mobile payment app which is coupled with a mobile digital loyalty wallet in one app. What set’s it apart from its competitors is in app support for other ecommerce companies. Check out the full scoop at Venturebeat.

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