Smart Oil Diffuser

Have you ever walked into your house and had that feeling where you just want to sprawl over your bed, put on some soothing music and have a fresh aroma in the background. Well guess what if you have an echo or the alexa app, along with the new smart alexa enabled oil diffuser, then you’re on you way to a zen like experience.

One day my wife and I were browsing around the mall and we passed by this store that sold aroma diffusers. I instantly fell at ease and casually mentioned how cool it would be to have one of those in the background. Well my wife got me a secret surprise box from amazon. I open the box and actually did a review on the Alexa enabled oil diffuser that she got from Amazon. It’s almost become a part of my daily lifestyle to trigger on and off with either my app or using alexa.

I got to say that although at first I was skeptical, the device is pretty neat. It works well having the ability to trigger it with my voice is a bonus. Go head and check out my youtube video below and let me know what you think in the comments section.